Glasgow Minibus and Coach Hire can provide you with cheap 8 seater minibus hire in Glasgow. You can send us an email or ring our helpline number to make a query / booking.

A minibus is often referred to as a multi-purpose commercial vehicle and can also be defined under a minicoach, midibus and a minivan. An 8 seater is the smallest minibus vehicle type we can offer and it is ideal for small groups and families.

Some of the key features and facilities will include a standard roof, CD, Radio, seat belts, heating, first aid kit, air conditioning and a 5 speed gearbox.

Some of the main bookings for an 8 seater include taxi sharing, short journeys, birthdays, pick up, drop off, airport transfers, family events and daily runs. It is an extremely cost effective form of transport especially as it compensates for single journeys. We have gained excellent feedback from our customers who have benefited from this service.

An 8 seater minibus is available through many manufacturer types and some of these include VW, Nissan, Mercedes, Renault and Ford. Each vehicle will ultimately depend on the particular journey.